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Although this matrix is not fail-safe , Chapman insists, it does have the potential to prevent outbreaks, but only when buyers (retailers and consumers alike) look at the practices underlying passed inspections and growers actually apply those practices on days other than inspection day. Which brings us to Riverstonethe producer of the lettuce in my fridge that isnot labeled triple-washed. When I visited Riverstone, openness was the guiding principle. Although the lettuce was only in the seedling stage, farm owner Woody Crenshaw gave me a full rundown of the salad production process and a tour of the processing facilities. Aside from the picturesque Appalachian hills, the experience was almost completely glamourless, just another day at a farm, cows and sheep lazily grazing, clouds dawdling overhead. There was a marked difference between this visit and the meticulous responses and declined interviews I received from the salad producers I usually patronize. And it wasnt just the fact that I was welcome. Throughout my conversation with Crenshaw, even as he talked about the difficulties of growing lettuce, which is a sensitive crop, there was just a sense that I deserved this information, that of course the food system should be questioned and investigated. When he handed me a bag of lettuce at the end of the interview, it didnt feel like he was cultivating brand loyalty: It felt like he was feeding me. Reuters/Michael Buholzer Of course, my pleasant experience at Riverstone is far from a guarantee that the lettuce I brought home with me is safe. Confirming the safety of the farm would involve soil tests, water tests, product tests, visual inspections, experimental designthe whole nine. Im not equipped to perform these checks for this bag of salad or any other salad Ill eat, from Riverstone or elsewhere, but I do now have my own check.

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