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Juice Machine

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Most frozen desserts, like ice cream and sorbet, are made by combining ingredients and churning them in an ice cream machine. The mixture slowly freezes, and as it churns, tiny ice crystals form to make a frozen dessert that is smooth and creamy. Granitas, on the other hand, are mixed much less frequently during freezing (and sometimes not at all, if you want to make it really easy), which results in an icy texture that is incredibly refreshing. To serve, simply scrape the surface of the frozen granita mixture with a fork and transfer the shavings to a serving dish. The red wine in this recipe lends a refreshing, grown-up finish, but you can use nearly any strongly flavored liquid to flavor your granita. Concentrated juices and fresh fruit purees can all be substituted in equal parts for the wine in this recipe. Depending on the sweetness of your flavoring ingredient, you may need to reduce or increase the quantity of sugar. Trust your instincts and sweeten the granita to your preference. Last summer was all about the frose (a frozen rose wine slushy drink), which was on every brunch menu from Napa to San Antonio.

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